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Chaos Theory - Telepath

Legbamel Not-Pop

I've been going back through my in-box and having a listen to upcoming releases this week. One thing that caught my interest was Telepath (that'd be Michael Christie, by the way) and the fact that his new, vocal-heavy album was released last month. Said vocal tracks were not recorded with him and most were sent via e-mail or recorded over the telephone from a variety of singers around the world. Naturally, the album hasn't yet found its way to Grooveshark (despite my constant attempts to get record labels and PR folks to go that route) but I did want to share a great song that gives you a flavor Telepath's sound. Thus I've included Chaos Theory here, with its international sound and heavy bass. You can sample three of the tracks and find out where to buy the album on the FlipSwitch web site. They've been promoting a whole bunch of great bands lately so explore the site while you're there. If you're a fan of The NPJ then you may well like their unusual and far-flung set of clients. And if you'd like to hear more of his older work you can find lots of Telepath on Grooveshark, too.

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