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Smells Like Rockin' Robin - Mark Vidler

Legbamel Not-Pop

I haven't done a "best of 2010" post because, well, I didn't feel like it and you know how I feel about doing something because everyone expects it, don't you? But I do want to make sure I keep posting some of the best stuff I happened upon from last year so we're zooming all of the way to last year in the time line today. That's because this song kills me. Smells Like Rockin' Robin takes your basic 50s pop song (as done by the Jackson 5, no less) and puts it under a remarkably cheered-up Kurt Cobain. I don't like Nirvana, as many of you already undoubtedly know, but if they sounded more like this I just might. But I couldn't possibly post it at the height of its popularity six or seven months ago.

As ever, with the mashups I post, you can download this one for free from its creator Mark Vidler at Go Home Productions where you'll find plenty of other tasty treats to keep you entertained.

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