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Faceless, Nameless - néGar

Legbamel Not-Pop

As I was casting about for a song to post today, I listened to néGar and her self-titled EP released January 2nd of this year. Handily, i found her interesting enough to share. You can listen to the whole EP for yourself at her Band Camp profile but I thought I'd include a song here to give you a taste. You can also download A Woman there for free, if you like what you hear. That one was way too sad and slow for me to post here so I've chosen to go with the much-angrier Faceless, Nameless, as it's the only one that was readily-available for including. If you only pick one song to listen to, though, I'd go with Off the Ground. I think that one does a much better job of showing the strength of her voice and her emotions. If you want to read more about her, try her official web site as well. You know I'm too lazy to write up a bio for you all but her roots stretch from Tehran to Toronto.

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