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Soup and a Sandwich

Legbamel Not-Pop

Okay, people, I'm hungry. But instead of making my way to the nearest eating establishment for my lunch break I'm here, writing to you. For that, I'm going to punish you with songs about food. Unfortunately, you might enjoy the punishment. I've taken a bunch of fun stuff and combined it into a musical meal that will hold me until I can go grab a granola bar. The things I don't do for your wonderful people!

Kidding aside, you'll find here a very brief scream from Five Iron Frenzy, an angry consideration of the Soup of the Day from The Vandals, a catchy little note about Hot Soup from Da Vinci's Notebook, some jazzy Home Fries from Joshua Redman, and a batch of French Fries with Pepper from Morphine. If that's not enough variety to spice your life then try David Lee Roth's Hot Dog and a Shake. Well, that sounded dirtier than I'd intended but it is David Lee Roth so he probably meant it that way anyway. Happy Wednesday!

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