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Apache - The Incredible Bongo Band and More

Legbamel Not-Pop

I’ve read that The Incredible Bongo Band version of the standard. Apache is the most-sampled song in hip hop history. You may find it strange that I would choose such a popular song to post, if that’s the case, but the truth is that few people actually know the song itself. They may recognize the tidbits tucked into song after song but I’m guessing most folks who identify it repeatedly don’t realize that it really was a song unto itself.

In the interests of increasing your appreciation of obscurity, I offer you not merely the Incredible Bongo Band version of Apache but the Grandmaster Flash remix of said standard, which gives the song so much “street cred” that you could buy a car with it. If you don’t know who Grandmaster Flash is then you probably don’t understand that last sentence so it’s a good thing you’ve come to me. I can help.

Now, Apache is a surf rock standard so you know there are more versions out there. And can I let you all go without sharing one or two? Don’t be silly, my darlings. The Ventures really make the song title make sense. I've also thrown in the Fatboy Slim and Sugarhill Gang versions of the song, for your edification. That last is a bit non-PC but it's very old-school.

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