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Alocatel - Mexican Institute of Sound

Legbamel Not-Pop

So, I'm driving home from the grocery store and I hear this great song playing behind an interview. I crank up the radio, crossing my fingers and waiting. Thankfully, for once, the people explained what song it was after they finished talking. It was Mexican Institute of Sound's Carnaval, from their newest album "Suave Patria". Naturally, it's not been uploaded to Grooveshark just yet so I don't have it to share. You'll have to settle for proof that I'm not a sports fan in any world, real or video game, and enjoy Alocatel, which I discovered--after I selected it--was on the FIFA 2010 soundtrack. I do believe that's soccer game of some sort. This one is good but I still think Carnaval is better. I'll post it some day when I can.

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