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Rescue Me - Pat Benetar

Legbamel Not-Pop

While most people know Aretha Franklin's version of Rescue Me, I have to say that Pat Benetar really rocked the song. Her rougher, tougher voice gives an edge to the lyrics that lets you believe that she really might need to be rescued. Aretha wails it but Pat nails it. That's why it seems so silly that they had her record a version for the cute and fluffy Ms. Bullock in Speed. Maybe Aretha Franklin didn't want her name associated with...wait, this isn't a movie review.

As I was saying, Pat Benetar has a strong enough voice to carry an Aretha tune like Rescue Me and survive the inevitable comparisons. Let me know if you disagree.

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  1. legbamel says:

    I thought I'd point out that I do, actually, know that Fontella Bass is the original artist for this song. It's just that I have two different versions from Aretha and it's her voice I hear when it's stuck in my head.

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