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Race Cars, Arco Arena, and Cake

Legbamel Not-Pop

I've had Cake's Race Car Ya-Yas stuck in my head all morning for no discernible reason. I haven't heard it for ages and yet the lyrics, such as they are, have attached themselves to my brain for all eternity and emerged as I showered this morning to torment me. I can't listen to a sustained amount of Cake's music, acerbic with notwithstanding, but that song has stuck with me for years. I blame the repeated testicle reference.

You know by now that I feel obliged to share my delightful pain. Due to its brevity, I though you might appreciate a spare song to go with Race Car Ya-Yas. Since Arco Arena also runs about a minute and a half and is about the place where concerts were attended in my youth, and because I like it, I thought it would make a good counterpoint to the fuzzy dice. They hang proudly, you know. From rear view mirrors.

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