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I Am the Robot - My Robot Friend

Legbamel Not-Pop

A whole new musical world opened up before me this evening when, on the recommendation of clockworkkitten, I pulled up a list of songs by My Robot Friend. Was it the reincarnation of early Devo? Was it an electro dream of a song that didn't rely solely on ten minutes of repetition? Was it really a song about Walt Whitman, the sort of geek music that makes me squee like a little girl? Why yes, it was all of those things and more. But I gush. Instead I shall share with you a little sample of the robo-goodness that is My Robot Friend. For all that it's two minutes and change long, I Am the Robot seems too short for a whole post, perhaps because of its abrupt ending. Thus I'm adding Dial 0 to sweeten the pot. Geek out, my friends!

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