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You Pick the Winner: Blondie vs…Blondie?


Today, we address the fact that a band, successful at what they're doing, can be heavily influenced by a record company and end up doing something completely different. Blondie gives us a perfect example of this with Once I Had a Love (The Disco Song) as released on "Plastic Letters" in 1975 and the commercial smash hit version Heart of Glass from the 1978 album "Parallel Lines". The former describes a relationship as a pain in the ass while the latter explains that her partner had a…well, heart of glass. You tell me, darling readers, which song do you think better explains the situation? I fear I have tipped my hand on this one but I still want to hear which song you think wins this competition.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Ah cool I love Blondie. Instead of picking one I am gonna combine them and create a new blondie mega mix about a man who used to have a fragile rear end. I call it "Once I had an ass of glass love"
    I am now going to try to find Debbie Harry's email! (And some naked pics of her mmmmmmm)

  2. timethief says:

    I love Blondie too. The disco version is really interesting. I choose "Heart of Glass". :)

  3. legbamel says:

    Anin, I simply refuse to share her e-mail address with you. You'll have to get your fix somewhere else!

    Thanks to both of you for having a listen. I'm waiting to hear what your new version sounds like. I like the disco version better, so with one vote for each and "both" vote we're deadlocked. Hopefully someone else meanders by to bote.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Heart of Glass is one of my favorite songs. I had not heard the first one before, but I pick the second version!

    ....So What did I win!!!! =D

  5. legbamel says:

    Huzzah! You will the satisfaction of knowing that you broke a tie between artistry and corporate meddling and landed on the side of big business!

    Kidding. I don't offer prizes but I'm very happy you wandered by and cast your vote. I'm kinda surprised that no one voted for the original except me but, then again, that's why I had to start my own blog.

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