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Viva Las Vegas - Various Artists

Legbamel Not-Pop

It's Sunday and you know what that means: Vegas, baby! Okay, so it doesn't. But I happened to bump into The Dead Kennedys and their cover of Viva Las Vegas this morning and thought I'd contrast and compare. Naturally, once I started looking I uncovered even more entertaining versions, including the mournful Shawn Colvin cover and a rockin' take from ZZ Top. I encountered only one problem: The Blues Brother version that I have doesn't appear on Grooveshark. Thus I offer you nine versions of Viva Las Vegas to entertain this fine afternoon, with Elvis trailing at the end to remind you who made it famous. You'll find Bruce Springsteen, Vince Neil, and Dread Zeppelin lurking there, as well. If you've a favorite cover that I've missed please, do share.

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