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Pump It Up - Elvis Costello & the Attractions

Legbamel Not-Pop

Who doesn't know the world's most popular angry geek, the guy who brings whining to an art form, Elvis Costello? He's been around long enough that just about anyone who follows music outside of the mainstream (with the occasional foray into popularity) has heard at least one of his songs. But you don't hear much from him any more. Songs like Pump It Up show why that's too bad. The 1978 album, "Last Year's Model", was re-released in 2002 but the album never got the sort of play it deserved. It's a gem of a set and, for me, this is the best thing on the record. With the bar set this high, I hope that makes you curious enough about the rest of the songs to give them a listen. He's still around and, with a backlog this big, if you're new to Elvis Costello you've got days' worth of listening ahead of you to enjoy. Pump It Up is a great place to start.

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