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Bullying the Jukebox - The Bouncing Souls

Legbamel Not-Pop

I was preparing to post about how I always wanted a theme song for The NPJ that included the word jukebox in the title but couldn't find one that I actually liked. I started putting together a list of such tunes to support my case (Jukebox Hero alone made my case for me) when I uncovered Bullying the Jukebox from The Bouncing Souls. How I've managed to miss out on this gem I'll never know but I'm officially declaring it my theme song. You can't tell me you haven't done this, if you spend a fair amount of time at a place with a jukebox and people with execrable taste in music or been subject to someone with a fascination with Pink Floyd or Stone Temple Pilots inflicting the downer of their music on a bar on what could have been a fun Saturday (or Tuesday) night out with your friends with infinitely better taste. Or maybe it's just me. Whatever the case, have a listen to Bullying the Jukebox, performed with tongues firmly in cheeks as far as I can tell, and let me know if you think it's a good fit for my little musical haven from crappy, overproduced, cheese-filled pop crap.

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  1. hi
    music is my life because this is a soul problem and laziness i like pop music this is a wonderful but bullying of music not a way.


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