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You Can't Dance - LL Cool J

Legbamel Not-Pop

Finally, my darlings, I return to you all bearing the sunburned goodness of a worn-out parent fresh from the world of Disney in need of something very different. For that, I turned to LL Cool J. I considered posting Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag Being Crushed by Buildings because the whole concept tickles me but thought it was a bit mellow and perhaps graphic for a sudden appearance. Maybe for Valentine's Day. In the meantime, enjoy this old-school nugget, You Can't Dance, complete with break dancing references and a classic line of 80s-style put-down lyrics. If that's not enough entertainment for a fine Friday night, then you'll just have to come back and try again for Saturday. I'm still trying to picture a can't-dance house and a can't-dance car.

As a tiny side note, this was the first song I can remember in which I could positively identify sampling of the nigh-ubiquitous (particularly in early hip hop and rap) Incredible Bongo Band. As I had the album it always cracked me up to hear it pop up in unexpected places. You know it's old-school now when you're listening to the Grandmaster Flash re-mix of their version of Apache. That's enough over-the-hill blather for one evening, I think. Can you tell I've missed you?

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