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Get Up While You Can - Atari Teenage Riot

Legbamel Not-Pop

For my 499th post, I thought I'd give you something high-energy and obnoxious. Crank up those speakers, ladies and gents, and get ready to slam dance (do people still do that?) because Atari Teenage Riot wants to rock your socks with fuzzy guitars, high-speed synth beats, and a lot of yelling. Some days a simply tune just won't do, you need someone willing to hammer down, to put the pedal to the medal and drag your sleepy rear into action. Luckily for you, plenty of folks--and not just the speed-metal bands--have shown themselves willing and able to provide. If Ministry's Jesus Built My Hot Rod makes you jump up and down then Atari Teenage Riot may be for you. Have a listen and see what you think. And someday I'll rectify my oversight in not having posted that Ministry song because it's one of my favorites. Until then, enjoy Get Up While You Can and consider checking out Into the Death if you like it. There's only so much pouding and screaming I can take in a row but these serve as a great pick-me-up when no coffee seems forthcoming. They're definitely NSFW, unless you work at a record store.

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