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Knock Out Eileen - DJ Lobsterdust

Legbamel Not-Pop

I am a child of the 80s, folks. Come on Eileen and LL Cool J are in my blood. That means that DJ Lobsterdust's Knock Out Eileen is a match made in heaven for me. If you, too, would like to revel in the goofy combination of the rapper-turned-actor getting tough with Dexy's Midnight Runners, have a listen but be prepared to laugh. If you like it, head on over to his official site and download the song for free. Take a look around while you're there. You'll find a mash-up of Das Racist and The Rapture as well. That one didn't give me the giggles like Knock Out Eileen but my kids know all of the words so they like that one better.

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