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At the Indie Disco - The Divine Comedy

Legbamel Not-Pop

Thought for the day: what would you get from mixing David Bowie, Lou Reed, David Byrne, and They Might Be Giants? If that puzzled you, I recommend listening to some songs from The Divine Comedy. They take TMBG's fascination with relatively-obscure cultural details, the common sense for the bizarre that all of them share, voice elements from the first three, and some synth that owes a debt to the work of all of them. I don't know that they count any or all of these among their influences. The band lists itself as "chamber pop", which pretty much rules out the "pop" label and shifts them to something more like "alternative indie". Their tenth album, "Bang Goes the Knighthood", was released on the 31st of May, a mere ten days ago. You can listen to the whole thing at Grooveshark. I'll just include on track here to whet your appetite.

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