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You Pick the Winner! Franz Zappa versus SCOTS

Legbamel Not-Pop

Today on You Pick the Winner, I offer you a selection between two songs about old people in love, or at least people with dentures. There's a tenuous Memorial Day connection, in that you may well have had grandparents and one or more of them likely had dentures if they reached a ripe old age. I'm pretty sure you don't want to think about them in this particular context, however, although I don't really know you well enough to say for certain. Whatever the case with your predilections, I offer you the ever-delightful Frank Zappa's Baby Take Your Teeth Out (from his fabulously-titled "Sheik Yabouti" album) and Southern Culture on the Skids exhorting you to Put Your Teeth up on the Windowsill (from their "Ditch Diggin'" album, if you care). So tell me, who did a better job with this rather unsavory subject?

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