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El Dorado - Agent Orange

Legbamel Not-Pop

Okay, hands up everyone who's old enough to remember when Agent Orange move from hardcore surf punk like Bloodstains to 80s cheese like Fire in the Rain and then back to punk like El Dorado. Just me? Dangit. Those three songs spanned a crucial decade in my musical development and pretty much the only decade of Agent Orange's popularity except when Tony Hawk let them put a later version of Bloodstains in his fourth skateboarding game. I like the original better. I've included all three here as I'm trying to make a point that would be lost without all of them (and the first and last together total about three and a half minutes). My point? Sometimes bands that forget why the started making music in the first place can remember, but there may have to be drastic personnel changes to make it happen and by then it can be too late. At least we'll always have Secret Agent Man.

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