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The Big Shuffle - Various Artists

Legbamel Not-Pop

Today is theme day here at The NPJ. I wanted to post a particular song but I couldn't remember the name except that it ended with the word shuffle. I eventually did figure out what it was called , but by the time I realized it wasn't there I'd already picked out a dozen other shuffles to enjoy. I thought I'd share a round dozen with you folks, from some of the biggest names in shuffle history, including BB King, Bela Fleck, Django Reinhardt, Herb Alpert, and Chick Corea. I bookmarked the list with two versions of Boogie Stop Shuffle, the first from Quincy Jones and the last from Charlie Mingus. How could you resist? (You'll have to be patient with the latter, though. It takes them a good minute and a half to get started. It's worth the wait, though.) Happy Wednesday and let me know if you've got a favorite shuffle that isn't on the list.

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