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Cut Cut Paste - Tokyo Police Club

Legbamel Not-Pop

I've been grooving to some great Tokyo Police Club today and thought I should share a track with you. Cut Cut Paste actually reminds me a great deal of The Violent Femmes, with all of the good things that implies. At points it sounds like the band and the singer are performing completely different tunes and then they'll mesh together again in a shouting, happy coincidence that makes the song. In fact, even from Cheer It On from the EP I thought that Tokyo Police Club might be a worthy successor to the sort of do-whatever-I-want, overwrought punk music that has made the Femmes a huge favorite of rebellious teens and disaffected twenty-something the world over. That might be a bit of an overstatement but I'm feeling melodramatic today and I've been doing a lot of cutting and pasting. Just ignore me and have a listen to the song.

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