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Kitten Is Angry - Lemon Demon

Legbamel Not-Pop

I've had an infuriating morning and I was all ready to post a fast and furious song about being mad when I encountered Kitten Is Angry. I cannot hold onto my inner cursing when listening to this song. It's about the least angry song you can imagine. It gives you mental images of a fluffy kitten attacking lint. Here I am, all ready to hear some adrenaline-fueling, hardcore punk when I make the mistake of clicking on Lemon Demon. All of those horrible bits of stupidity that created my mood are now down the drain and I'm laughing. I'm pretty sure that liking this song marks me as a complete geek, but I'm also sure you already knew that I was so where's the harm in sharing this little piece of fluff with you all? Be warned. If you're in a bad mood it will be completely wrecked by the Tai Kwon Do kitten.

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