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Kind of Guy - Yawn

Legbamel Not-Pop

As ever, I was meandering through some music at The Hype Machine today and happened upon something interesting. I'd never heard of Yawn (yes, it's time for SXSW bands to take over my blog again) and was immediately captured by the stereo introductory seconds of Kind of Guy. It may not be ground-breaking music but it's catchy indie rock with a driving drum keeping it from being just like every other indie band out there. The vocals on Yawn's tracks tend toward swooping [Alert: Geeky gamer moment! "Swooping is bad."] and sounding like Vampire Weekend but that doesn't keep them from being a fun and repeat-listenable set of tunes. The electronic touches that grace each song keep them a little more wild and interesting then you'd expect. Have a listen and pick up their EP for free from the official Yawn web site.

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