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World's Much Bigger - The CrawPuppies

Legbamel Not-Pop

I realized after I posted yesterday that I'd promised to share something brand new with you. I thought I'd better live up to my promise, a day late perhaps but with no dollars involved.  I get requests to review folks but choose not to rant and rave about those I do not enjoy because, really, who wants that?  Happily, this time I received notice of a new album from The CrawPuppies that may actually be worth buying.

The title track, Wold's Much Bigger, is a pretty standard rock song with a catchy riff and a lot of energy.  (See below if you'd like to have a listen.)  I expected the other song I was sent to sound much the same, a rocking tune that sounds like something from Jellyfish, but She Comes Lovely (stop smirking, you perv) turned out to be much mellower and almost pretty.  It turns out that all of the CrawPuppies sing, which gives them a lot more flexibility in creating harmonies than your usual rock band. I look forward to hearing how many other sounds these guys came up with for their latest album.

As with just about any band these days, you can visit The Crawpuppies on MySpace, Facebook, and their own web site, where you'll find that these puppies won't stick in your musical craw. They may not be ground breakers but they're certainly enjoyable.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Good for you to bring the not-so-well-known music to our attention. But how can we sustain that attention? Do you want us to? Do we want to? It's easier to just fall back on the pieces that are etched in our brains (something that popular music achieved through the media) than make the effort to listen, explore and discover...

  2. legbamel says:

    It's easier but worth as much as the effort you expend. I'd far rather work for musical treats that accept the pap readily available. Sometimes that pap can be pretty tasty, certainly, but as a rule the bland between the good bits dulls your taste for it.

    I'll stop stretching that metaphor, now. I simply mean that I'd rather follow less conventional paths to get a higher percentage of good music because I lose patience with commercial sources relatively quickly. Thanks for giving me a reason to say so!

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