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So Big - DJ Champion

Legbamel Not-Pop

It was a few months ago that I posted the video for Alive Again from DJ Champion (who, by the way, I still find adorable) and I've been spending a lot of time since listening to his work. With the near-global discovery of his awesomeness by fans of the game Borderlands (hint: he's the genius behind No Heaven), I expect to hear a lot more of him. What a lot of people not realize is how much heavy-duty guitar work actually appears on the tracks. In truth, DJ Champion runs the gamut from trance to hard rock, with most songs displaying the sort of layering that makes his music such a pleasure, regardless of the bpm. I was torn on which song to include here, because two of my favorites go in such different directions. I decide to include So Big because it starts in French, celebrating the Canadian-ness of DJ Champion and the folks who help him create his soundscapes.

Although the album covers use the name Champion, by the way, I use DJ Champion because that's how he refers to himself on-line and how he's named in his own liner notes. If you're curious, the other song I was going to post was Backing Off, which is also available for listening through Grooveshark.

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