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San Francisco Treat - Nuclear Rabbit

Legbamel Not-Pop

After treading dangerously close to the pop line yesterday, I thought today I'd share what I love about fringe bands that will never enjoy much radio play or popularity. With bands like Nuclear Rabbit, you never know where a song is going. The beginning may lull you into a false sense of goofiness, as it does in San Francisco Treat before hitting you with the real meat of the song.

I had actually intended to post only Parkay, due to its highly entertaining and hyper nature, but I thought it too short for a whole post of its own. Thus, I'm adding the meaty goodness of San Francisco Treat for you, as strange as that sounds. Nuclear Rabbit always sound to me like they're torn between laughing their heads off and kicking someone in the face. These two examples, brand name songs if there ever were any, demonstrate just that tongue-in-cheek anger perfectly.

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