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The Outsider - Lack of Afro

Legbamel Not-Pop

I knew that my song for today would be Lack of Afro, if only because I need an antidote to counteract the presence of Bon Jovi in town. I couldn't find a single of their songs that didn't make me want to kick something, so I went in a completely different direction. Hubby walked by and said, "You're listening to some funk!" After 99 in the Shade, I had to get the bad taste out of my ears somehow. A little Lena Horne cleansed my musical palate and then Lack of Afro made it all better. Enjoy The Outsider, which combines some some old-school jazzy horns with some nice bass and verbal clips and I hope that you are able to avoid mediocrity like Bon Jovi more successfully than I have been today.

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