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Labour of Love - Frente!

Legbamel Not-Pop

To me, Belly and Frente! go together. They’re two sides of the same musical coin. In fact, they may count as the same side. It’s not just that the bands (and their respective singers, Tanya Donelly and Angie Hart) sound alike. It’s that they share a mood that I find relaxing but that still gets my toes tapping. Belly is stronger, lyrically, but both go beyond the rather little-girl sound of the vocalists to create well-done and truly enjoyable music that has stood up to over fifteen years of repeat listens. These aren’t the flashy types who would win on a televised talent show, but neither do they require computers and adjusting to hit the notes they’ve chosen or a team of ghostwriters to write the songs in the first place. For me, that counts for a whole lot more in the “win” category.

Frente!, however, reformed a few years ago. Rumors have the band re-releasing "Marvin the Album" this year, but I hope that a new album would instead be forthcoming. I've got the old one. I would love to hear Ms. Hart with some new material, however.

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