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Blue Skies for Spring

Legbamel Not-Pop

I know that it's still February, but I'm engaging in a bit of wishful thinking today. Bobby Darin's version of Blue Skies (the first on the list below) is one of my favorite songs of all time. You just don't hear anyone hold a note as purely as he does at the end, and he proves with this one that he can swing as well as croon. And, because I love to share and so many people have recorded Blue Skies, I found another ten cover versions including a great Tommy Dorsey shout-fest, a complete rewrite about being eaten by a whale from Dizzy Gillespie, and a trying-too-hard cover from Eva Cassidy. As a bonus, I've tacked on a dozenth track from Blue October that, while not strictly the same song, still made me happy.

Just remember, Bing Crosby can make Blue Skies sound as sad as he likes. It's still a wonderfully celebratory song.

Blue Skies by legbamel on Grooveshark

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