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Atmosphere - My Glorious

Legbamel Not-Pop

Quite some time ago, when My Glorious released their EP "Leper", they sent me a copy and I reviewed the band. The thoughtful folks from Austria have now sent me their second album, "Home Is Where the Heart Breaks", released on January 30, 2010. Naturally, it took me a few listens to really feel comfortable choosing a favorite song.

Part of that difficulty lies in the extensive middle of the album. It seems that My Glorious decided to experiment with a lot of sonic additions to their songs, some more successful than others. I quite enjoy Use Me, for example, clocking in at 6:40. The sound is all over the map, though, and the real meat of the song gets a bit buried beneath what I consider to be bonus material.

Make no mistake. My Glorious has included plenty of meat on this full album. They go from rocking out to more emotive ballads and generally demonstrate a healthy range of tastes and lyrical depth. I've chosen to include Atmosphere here (a mere 3:44, in comparison) in part because it includes the lyrics that most intrigued me.

If there's love in the atmosphere
Bring it down, bring it down
If there's love in the atmosphere
We could use it here
In part, I also chose it because it's a much tighter song than Use Me, the other contender for the best track. I'm all for atmospheric layers of sound in a song, but there can be a fine line between creating mood and doodling around self-indulgently. My Glorious seems to still be finding the line between those two but they've created a meaty album that's worth the investment for fans. Should you wish to hear more from both "Leper" and "Home Is Where the Heart Breaks", you can visit their artist page at Grooveshark or at their site linked in the first sentence.

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  1. Kelli says:

    i bought the album at one of their shows in nashville during their current US tour and I absolutely loved it. Atmosphere is really an amazing track and I personally love the soundscene that is painted on this album. definitely worth buying!!

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