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Hey Santa - The Brian Setzer Orchestra

Legbamel Not-Pop

Finally, a song about asking Santa for what you really want: booze. That's right, Santa's a "good ol' boy" and delivers bottles of peppermint Schnapps to the good little girls and boys of Dixie. That's what Brian Setzer wants you to believe, anyway. I'd be willing to believe that many of you could use a shot or two, on this most family of family days. Alas, it's too late to hope for that flask in your stocking but at least you can dream of the possibilities while enduring lectures and stories you've heard seven times before.

Even if you're enjoying the season, Hey Santa can still give you a little extra boost of holiday cheer, albeit of the non-alcoholic type. Get your toes tapping and remember why Brian Setzer and his orchestra should be crowned the heppest of cats. Best wishes for the season, all.

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