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Witch Doctor - David Seville

Legbamel Not-Pop

Sometimes, how I got to a song makes as good a story as why I like the song in question. In today's case, I took my youngest to the clinic because of an earache (H1Nothing, thank you very much, just your basic ear infection). I failed to find a song about ears that I liked so I turned to songs about doctors. Suddenly, I was faced with two very different songs that have been favorites of mine since I was a child. Which to choose, and which version? Ah, the trials of music blogging!

Suddenly, I was distracted from Spirit in the Sky (Doctor and the Medics, lest you doubt that it fit my theme, although I was considering the Nina Hagen cover) and Little Feat's Rock and Roll Doctor by no less than three versions of Witch Doctor. I realized that I'd not heard the song for years, despite the recent passage of Halloween which, for some reason, used to cause this one to follow Monster Mash with annoying predictability. Some days, you just need a 50s novelty song to cheer up yourself (and your sick child). This is one of those days.

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