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Nightlife - The Muslims

Legbamel Not-Pop

So, The Muslims have become The Soft Pack, and they've got a new album out for your listening pleasure. If you're unfamiliar with The Muslims/Soft Pack folks, their sound is on the punk side of grungy, indie rock, with songs like Future Rock and Right and Wrong falling much farther on the punk end of that spectrum. From what I've heard, their new name hasn't changed the feel of the band much, which is all to the good. Of course, Grooveshark doesn't have the new album yet, but I was happy to find Nightlife, a great little rocker that I give a 92. It's got a great beat and you can dance to it (you American Bandstand fans will probably get that reference, but I fear the younger and non-USians amongst you may think I'm a dolt. That's okay. I am.) Actually, it does have a great beat, like most of The Muslims' songs, the sort of bouncy, "Whoops, I'm tapping my toes so hard I'm shaking the desk" sort of beat that makes you want to double-check that a song is on your play list. Try it hear for yourself!

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