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Jukebox Roots: Secret Agent Man

Legbamel Not-Pop

One of my first posts here at the NPJ was about an earworm that I've enjoyed since my earliest memories: Secret Agent Man. I posted about three different versions of the song, but dozens of bands and artists have covered the song, some more successfully than others. Devo, in particular, stands out as a poor re-make. I've found nine versions to share with you today, including one from Bruce Willis (included purely for entertainment value), the aforementioned Devo cover, one from The Guess who, as well as Agent Orange, Brian Setzer (that one is pretty clearly a bootleg from a live concert, apparently one recorded underwater), and the ska cover from The Toasters about which I wrote in the original post. Of course I've included Johnny Rivers and The Ventures, for you oldies folks out there.

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