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Bloody Mary - The Bloodsugars

Legbamel Not-Pop

Here's a little indie-pop, new-wave-y, woo-hoo music for a Tuesday. The Bloodsugars have been through some staffing changes, but I have high hopes that their first full-length album will hold up to the strength of their EP, "BQEP" released in 2008. I'm basing that hope on the first single I've heard, Light at the End of the Tunnel, which you can enjoy at Static Television. I'm looking forward to hearing their Pedestrian Boogie, for certain. At any rate, if you're unfamiliar with The Bloodsugars, take a listen to Bloody Mary and a few of their other tracks, while you're at it, to get an idea of the sorts of energy and hooks they can sneak into a simple song. For contrast with Bloody Mary, try Uh Oh at Grooveshark, where they've got the whole EP.

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