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Ya Ya, Again

Legbamel Not-Pop

I recently posted a video version of Buckwheat Zydeco performing Ya Ya, but I felt like I'd given the song short shrift. Today, I'd like to share not just the great Lee Dorsey original and the Buckwheat Zydeco version but also a funky Tina Turner take on Ya Ya and a somewhat bizarre John Lennon cover of the song. That last, alone, makes a second post almost mandatory for this one. Sadly, I could not find the Lee Atwater/Chuck Jackson/Carla Thomas version from the "Red Hot & Blue" album on which I first heard this song. It's well worth a listen, as are the rest of the songs included. It's too bad that the album isn't more available but at least you can sample it on the link above. BB King's Buzz Me alone makes it worth the price.

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