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Talk on Indolence - The Avett Brothers

Legbamel Not-Pop

Here's another wacky little treat for you all--The Avett Brothers, who sound a whole lot like the Gear Daddies used to, back when I'd see them live a few times a year, giving a Talk on Indolence. They're clearing having a wonderful time. I'm not so big on songs about getting drunk, anymore, but this one has so much else going on that the lyrics aren't really paramount and the song tells a story rather than simply celebrating getting hammered. The beginning particularly caught my attention, with the chanting from 30 seconds into the track that starts your toes tapping practically from the first beat. The song completely switches character at a minute in, turning into a roots rock/alt-country remembrance. The banjo is a particularly nice touch.

I'm somehow not surprised that the guys have been around for almost ten years (and thirteen albums' worth of music) but that I've not heard of them until now. I bet they're a blast to see live, which you could apparently have done on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night, had you known about it. Happily for you, dear readers, I'm willing to devote a little time to finding such gems and to letting you know that Mr. Ferguson's site hasn't updated with anything more recent than October 2nd. If I can remember, I'll keep an eye out and post a link to the video this weekend. Until then, enjoy their Talk on Indolence

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