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Rockabilly Liquor Trio

Legbamel Not-Pop

No, this isn't a band review, although Rockabilly Liquor Trio wouldn't be such a bad name for a band. With Amazon's fabulous free music offerings, particularly the current Mojo Nixon bonanza, my mind wanders down loosely-connected paths. Today, that path makes a bit more sense than usual. The rockabilly and rough sound of Mojo Nixon's She's All Liquored Up lead me directly to Southern Culture on the Skids and Liquored Up and Lacquered Down. The next step connection was a bit more tenuous, but The Reverend Horton Heat had a few things to add about Liquor, Wine, and Beer, so I let him. I figured that Saturday was the perfect day for a liquor-fest, and that celebrating wacky, rockabilly songs went perfectly with that. If you've got a song that would fit this group, please let me know.

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