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King Curtis Sampler Pack

Legbamel Not-Pop

I wanted to post the terrific Memphis Soul Stew from the ever-jazzy King Curtis, but I thought it was too short to stand alone. Then I discovered that my up-loading privileges have been suspended at Grooveshark (curse you, Keb' Mo' and Taj Mahal, love you both though I do!) and decided that I'd offer you something a bit bigger to enjoy, to suck up a little extra bandwidth from the 'Shark even though it isn't really their fault. Here, then, is fifteen minutes' worth of King Curtis in all his saxophone-wailing glory. In a Funky Groove gives you ten-plus minutes of pure, mellow jam while Watermelon Man picks it up a couple of notches and really gets you grooving. Hopefully, I'll get unblocked sometime soon and can upload more obscurity for you to enjoy. Obviously, I had intended to share something much less well-known than King Curtis, but that'll have to wait.

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