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International Introvert - Phil and the Osophers

Legbamel Not-Pop

A catchy band name will get me to listen to you once, but a fresh sound will convince me to keep listening. Thus Phil and the Osophers grabbed my attention, and kept it with their jangly, discordant sound that I still somehow like. I couldn't tell you why I like Phil (or the Osophers, for that matter). With jumpy vocals, repetitive music, and a lo-fi sound they aren't my type of sound. For some reason, though, I quite enjoy them. Have a listen and see if you agree. International Introvert was their only song on Grooveshark, but you can hear more on The Hype Machine.

One Response so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    intrigued by this group's music. in a good way.

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