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Virtual Reality - Rusted Root

Legbamel Not-Pop

It's been months since I posted anything by the unusual Rusted Root, the hippie-like, jam-band-sounding, world-beat-using band that brought you Send Me on My Way and Drum Trip. If you're a fan of the movie Twister, you likely already know this song by heart, but it enjoyed only a brief popularity before the band sank once again into their indie obscurity, regardless of how major the label that released some of their albums. I enjoy the manic energy the band brings to many of their songs (and interpreting their more obscure lyrics), but Virtual Reality is one of Rusted Root's few "get up and dance" songs, and one that really works for its purposes. I promise not to wait another nine months before posting more from them. If you've got a favorite (or another band that you find comparable), please let me know. I'm not generally a "jam band" fan, but between Rusted Root and WookieFoot, my ears have certainly been opened to the possibilities that I'd previously missed.

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