Ignored, Maligned, and Forgotten Music

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Jukebox Roots: Squat That Rabbit - Taj Mahal

Legbamel Not-Pop

I squandered some of my absolute favorite songs on my early posts, without a way for you to listen to them without going somewhere else entirely. Squat That Rabbit was among the first songs that I posted, because I was so excited to let people know about this almost-completely disregarded gem. How on earth did I expect you to realize how fantastic the song is without providing you a way to hear it?! I'm rectifying that bit of foolishness by re-posting the song, complete with the actual song, so that you can do a naughty little boogie yourself.

Edit, because this is the one song that Grooveshark had pulled that was never replaced. I'm including a video that does not include any live footage but which has the version of the song I wanted to share in the first place.

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