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Camel Walk - Southern Culture on the Skids

Legbamel Not-Pop

Few songs make me remember the exact circumstances when my musical world expanded, but Camel Walk remains one of the strongest. I remember exactly where I was and what was happening in my life when I first heard this raucous rockabilly tune from Southern Culture on the Skids, and I remember standing in front of my stereo, anxiously awaiting the DJ's announcement of the song's particulars. For the first blogiversary of The NPJ, I'd like to share the it with you.

Camel Walk is not a deep or musically complex song. It's sheer fun and goofiness, infectious to the many friends that I have forced to enjoy it over the years. It bridges The Stray Cats to The Reverend Horton Heat and simply make you want to figure out just how you can walk like a camel, to do the song justice while dancing all over the room. If you've got a song of which the first hearing is indelibly embedded in your memory, please share it with me. Thanks for reading in my first year, and here's hoping that there are many more great songs to come.

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