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Wrong 'Em Boyo - Various Artists

Legbamel Not-Pop

In working on my lens about the blues standard Stagger Lee or Stack O'Lee, I was kindly informed by 2Eklectik that I'd completely missed Stagger Lee and Billy's appearance in The Clash's Wrong 'Em Boyo.

Imagine my chagrin at that, and then further at discovering that The Clash was covering a song from a Jamaican ska band The Rulers, who recorded Wrong Emboyo in 1967. The Clash came along and put their version on "London Calling" in 1979. Finally, Buck-O-Nine took ahold of the song and covered it again in 1995. For me, these versions take ska from its roots straight through into modern ska-punk, demonstrating ably the various styles along the way. Who would you have liked to see cover this song?

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  1. timethief says:

    This was a really interesting collection. I liked The Clash's version best of all and I don't have any other artists to suggest that I would like to hear doing it.

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