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Fireworks - Louis Armstrong

Legbamel Not-Pop

Fireworks seems, on this Fourth of July holiday (in the US, at least), to be the perfect song. It's retro in the extreme, adding a taste of Dixieland jazz and great musicianship that recalls the heady days of straw hats and sleeve garters, when fireworks were not readily available at road-side tents and people gathered to watch skilled technologists blow things up while enjoying food and drink in a real celebration.

That reads a wee bit preachy, but Louis Armstrong and his band recall the Roaring Twenties and the sheer exuberance of that era in this track from the happily-rereleased "The Hot Fives & Sevens" recordings. While I fire up the grill and mix the potato salad this hot and happy Fourth, I'm looking forward to getting together with neighbors and friends to say, "Happy Birthday!" to America and watching things explode into lovely colors. The title of Fireworks fits the song, as that exactly what the music is doing.

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