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No Soul - The Rumble Strips

Legbamel Not-Pop

Today we've got not only a video to enjoy but a free track to go with it. Every so often, it behooves one to check out the sampler albums that Amazon offers for free from many and varied (mostly obscure) record companies. Today, I happened upon the “Gigantic Music Sampler” from Gigantic Music LLC. Once I got the dreadful Frances and the Dragons of Zynth off of my computer, I discovered that there were some fun songs on the album. The Rumble Strips stole the show with No Soul, but Aa came in a close second with their all-percussion antics on Best of Seven. I thought two videos might be overkill for a single day, so I picked the band I know better, if only by a nose. Whether or not you like the video, check out the album and the other suggested, free samplers. You can get a pile and a half of good (and sometimes great) free music from Amazon, if you're willing to do a little digging. Consider this your starting point.

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