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Warriors - Freedom Call

Legbamel Not-Pop

In restrospect, yesterday's post Bang Bang You're Dead seems a bit insensitive for Memorial Day weekend. To make up for that, today please enjoy Freedom Call, from the genre I like to call “cheese metal”, reminiscent of Manowar. This song, Warriors, offers some great imagery and ought to have been used in many a war movie. Witness the driving percussion, the repetitive guitar, and the blindingly obvious key change if you need convincing that the song fits this genre. On the other hand, it's a song about fighting and sacrifice in war. What more could you ask from a Memorial Day song, if you don't want to start sniveling a bit? Blast Warriors while you're grilling some burgers, have a beer for the fallen, and take a moment to remember those that laid down their lives in battle, whatever your feelings about war in general.

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