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Strange Town - The Jam

Legbamel Not-Pop

Thanks to The Vinyl Villain, I've been listening to The Jam today. (No thanks to Grooveshark, who are down for server relocation, much to my musical distress.) I've been forced to resort to imeem for today's track. I considered merely posting their cover of the Batman Theme, because it was so great that my kids made me play it twice so that we could dance around the living room, but decided that folks should know that The Jam was a great punk band who did so much more.

Thus, I've chosen Strange Town, which gives you a taste of the non-screaming nature of punk in the 70s as well as the railing against the sheep that judged everyone on their clothes, their hair, and their way of speaking. Why else would people choose multi-colored liberty spikes and safety-pin jewelry? Consider them both a thumbing of the collective nose at people's assumptions. I suspect that's enough pontificating for one day, so I'll just let you enjoy the sound.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Great track but I am going to have to argue with your classification of them as a punk band they were a Mod band.
    Paul Weller is still known as "The mod father" over here in recognition of his 80's Mod revival.
    I would also urge people who don't know this band to check out "Down in the tube station at midnight" and "That's entertainment" two songs that are as close to lyrical perfection as you can get.

  2. legbamel says:

    I definitely agree with your recommendations! In my world, growing up in California, there was no line between British punk and Mod. I feel obliged to do more exploration and see what else I might have missed.

    As always, thank you for your input. You always seem to have one more tidbit to lead me down new musical paths!

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