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Smash a Kangaroo - Diplo

Legbamel Not-Pop

It's Guilty Pleasure Day here at the Not-Pop Jukebox. Smash a Kangaroo is one of those songs that you feel like you shouldn't like. It's got animal cruelty, it sounds like someone making fun of Australian, wannabe “gang-bangers”, and it's just goofy. All the same, I can't help but enjoy it. Most other Diplo (a.k.a. DJ Wes Pentz) re-mixes and songs just don't catch my attention. In fact, I avoid remixes in general unless I rank the original among my favorites. Most often, the first version stands as the best. (Mashups are a different category, entirely, and are exempt from this particular critique. They have their own issues, though.) This one has the right mix of beats and naughty that it makes me giggle every time, even as I'm chair-dancing.

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