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We Gettin' Crunk - HeavyFeet

Legbamel Not-Pop

I find the great majority of club-type, bass-heavy songs to be repetitive in the extreme and thus as dull as can be after about a minute and a half. I’m happy to share with you an exception to that rule, HeavyFeet’s We Gettin’ Crunk. It’s got enough variety to sustain nearly four and a half minutes with very few words, a retro synth-line, and some bass. This track would have gotten me on the dance floor, in my bar-hopping days, with enough bounce for dancing and a simple enough sound to allow conversation. Were I to have a rent party, this one would definitely make the play list.

Since I don’t do those things any more, I’ll be listening to HeavyFeet and dancing around the living room with my children. So, too, can you enjoy the beat-infused sound for free. HeavyFeet has offered a thumping pile of free downloads on their MySpace profile, including We Gettin’ Crunk and a bunch of remixes. Scroll down and look under the “Sounds Like” section on the left side of the screen.

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